Lost And Found

sydney rock  pop/rock  uplifting  funky  cool pop 

Lost And Found
The culmination of over 10 years worth of material lovingly crafted into an album we're very proud of. Uplifting rock/pop sounds.

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Liner Notes

FlyByWire - Lost and Found

We made this album because some of our band members suffer acute relentless expressionistic compulsion and it seemed like a good idea at the time. When a song is buzzing around inside your head for three days without a break it starts to drive those around you a little insane. But its not really my fault, the Ocean compels and consumes all those within it. Dreams of far away places, clouds in the distance, calling from some distant country... but all the while a voice deep inside is clear and still booming out instructions. Sometimes we all are lost; like a blind donkey in the desert carrying a injured man to freedom. The Unknown soldier. Sometimes we are found - and that's when we all feel whole again. Plus guitars and drums paint a beautiful picture, and a man crying out from somewhere in the midst makes me feel like I'm not so damn alone here. Why does it always have to come down to this? After acting like someone else for so many years, its nice to open the door in the floor once in a while and see who pops their head up. This head has a moustache. Should I shave it? Why is he black and white? This man has a mind like a tiger - sharp and invading. Desire and needs fuel another mans lust. The last man standing is the strongest, that's what they'll say. But the studio is a blender. Focus and confidence, fun fun fun. True happiness, elation, freedom, surreal gluttony - this is what it feels like for a painter with a multi-coloured brush against the sky.
We think we made something worth listening to, we hope you do too...


Written by Paul and Ed
Produced by Anton Hagop
Drums- Simon Abbott
Bass-Tim McDonnell
Vocals- Ed
Paul Davies - Guitars


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